Delacon’s Call Tracking Solution Integrates with Acquisio Platform

Delacon’s call tracking solution enterprise-level call tracking solution can now integrate seamlessly with the popular Acquisio SEM tracking and metrics platform, creating a total package for marketers searching for an all-encompassing call tracking solution.

Phone Lead Alert integrates seamlessly with leading analytics platforms including Google Analytics, Google Ads and now Acquisio; and is one of the world’s most advanced intelligent call tracking programs. Acquisio’s pay-per-click management tools synchronise with industry-standard search marketing programs to optimize marketing campaigns for both online and offline conversions.

With this integration, Acquisio platform users now have sophisticated and complete tools for campaign performance measurement. The synergy between Delacon’s and Acquisio’s leading platforms enables customers to track and capture an incredible amount of information about phone conversions that hasn’t previously been readily available.

“Marketers can now make informed decisions and create marketing strategies that are backed by real business intelligence; reducing marketing costs and letting them reach key targets more efficiently. Combining phone call tracking and SEM capabilities completely removes guesswork over marketing outcomes. By gathering data from every possible touch point, marketers can back their campaign decisions with real, predictive data for optimum results.”

After integrating Phone Lead Alert fully with Acquisio, Delacon client Dave Gillard of Tall Timba Consulting says that “Delacon’s call tracking technology is by far the most advanced and cost effective I have found in the 5 years since we have been established. All calls generated from our search engine marketing campaigns are fully tracked and this invaluable data is integrated into the Acquisio platform.

“Information about which keyword generated a call, and from where, is not only well represented in Acquisio’s dashboard and campaign performance reports, it then allows for accurate analysis of the return from your advertising spend, for example cost per lead, which gives rise to the most effective optimisation of campaigns possible.

“Another big bonus with the full integration is it allows you to create and automate the most comprehensive bid management rules and algorithms to optimise both ad position and campaign spend using Acquisio’s Automation and Optimization Tools. Our clients have been able to save money and find new growth opportunities while maintaining an edge over their online competitors.”

Call tracking enables online marketers to track customer phone calls back to each caller and their buying activity, so marketers know which initiatives (both online and offline) are driving contacts and sales. It provides businesses with answers to questions such as whether web marketing phone leads are generating sales, if online campaigns are delivering desired call conversion rates, where callers are locating their business information and contact details.

The answers to these and other important questions about ROI from website and wider online marketing have previously been difficult to obtain, if even possible. “By finally having the answers to these critical questions”, said Center, “marketers can now make better decisions about where to spend their available budgets for maximum returns.”

About Delacon

Founded in 1996 and based in Sydney Australia, Delacon have over 20 years expertise specialising in telecommunications and cloud-based technologies that improve business performance. Delacon is a leading provider of intelligent call tracking solutions – Phone Lead Alert – for marketers, Agencies and Enterprises. Delacon also provide 360SMS, 1300 Numbers, VoIP and PABX, Hosted IVR, Outbound IVR and Click to Call applications. Delacon’s applications are easy to use, feature rich and fully supported in-house 24x7x365. The company is committed to continued investment in R&D which enables rapid development and deployment of the latest cloud-based technologies.

Delacon’s clients include the major enterprises Commonwealth Bank, News Corporation, University of Sydney, Government of Victoria, ServCorp, Compare Broadband; and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Delacon is a Google Analytics Partner and a member of Acquisio Links.

About Acquisio

Acquisio provides digital marketers with a performance media platform that enables them to optimize the results of their search, social, mobile, and display marketing programs with speed, accuracy, and efficiency, and with full control over every aspect of their online marketing initiatives.

With more than 4,000 users and 10,000 brands under its management, Acquisio is the multi-channel marketing solution preferred by agencies and marketers alike. Clients include WPP, Omnicom, IPG and Publicis; as well as performance media companies Bertelsmann, Cossette, iProspect, Isobar, NetBooster, PhD, and Yellow Pages Group. Info:

The company is based in Montreal, Quebec with offices in Seattle, New York City, and London.