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AdWords DoubleClick Call Extensions Integration

Delacon’s AdWords and DoubleClick Call Extension Integration allows call data received from AdWords Call Extension numbers to be pushed into DoubleClick.

AdWords Call Extensions allow for phone numbers to be embedded in the actual ad. These numbers can be clicked when viewed on a mobile device – this is known as click to call.

See an example below of how a call extension number (the phone number at the bottom) looks on a mobile device.

Delacon can provide separate and distinct numbers to use in AdWords Call Extensions so you can track calls made directly from the ad, either when the caller has used the click to call functionality or called when not clicking on the ad at all.

The integration means that the data from these calls can not only be captured in Delacon’s Portal, AdWords and Google Analytics but can also be pushed into DoubleClick.

DoubleClick vs AdWords

While DoubleClick is similar to AdWords in that both platforms can manage ad campaigns, bid management and provide reporting, DoubleClick is far more advanced.

Some of its more advanced features include:

  • Ability to manage campaigns across Google, Yahoo, Bing and other advertising networks.
  • Advanced reporting options
  • Real-time visibility
  • Optimisation for multiple conversions due to floodlight tagging system
  • Keyword level for real-time bidding

A key benefit in using Delacon with DoubleClick Search and DoubleClick Bid Manager is the ability to set goals for your cost-per-lead bidding, so you do not exceed your budget.

For example: You may set up a goal to achieve a CPL of below $100.00. DoubleClick will look to see how much to bid on a keyword to achieve this CPL goal and will take into account both web data and call data. AdWords does not have this functionality.

You can see more about AdWords vs DoubleClick here.

How does the integration work?

The integration needs to be setup within our integrations menu in our Portal. You will need to:

  • Map your Delacon services to your DoubleClick account.
  • Add the ‘’ email to your advertiser or agency account in DoubleClick
  • Provide write access for the above email address.
Benefits of the integration

The major benefit of the integration is that data from calls received directly from AdWords Call Extensions can be pushed into DoubleClick, allowing this data to be used to manage and optimise bids. For example, by using the IVR intercept, you can see which calls were sales inquiries. This data can be pushed into DoubleClick for automatic campaign optimisation.

By pushing both call and web data into DoubleClick, you can hopefully improve your campaign performance and answer the following questions:

  • Do calls straight from an ad have on average a longer or shorter duration compared to calls from users who have clicked through to your website?
  • Do ads which have the phone number displayed in them generate more calls?
  • Using the DTMF/IVR intercept, which department do calls generated straight from ads go to – sales/support/accounts etc.?
  • What city or state are callers who call directly from ads calling from?
  • Which ads or campaigns are driving the highest volume of direct calls?
  • Do more sales occur from calls where the user has called in directly from the website or direct calls?

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