Maximise Your Marketing

Maximise the Value of your Marketing with Delacon

Delacon is transforming its business from providing a standard call analytics solution to a more data-driven, advanced-speech analytics capability. This allows clients to not only understand what drives calls to their business, but what happens to those calls.

Delacon’s Results for its customers

Provide call tracking and analysis reports to clients faster

Enable business to move from standard call analytics to data-driven speech analytics

Improve client marketing and operations investment spend

Reduced cost per acquisition for one client by 11% in one month after implementation

Delacon aims to help clients maximize the value of marketing over this channel. We provide call tracking and analytics that enable clients to capture caller information and send it to reporting software for segmentation. Marketers, media agencies, and businesses can then track a customer journey from the creation of a marketing campaign to a phone call and beyond.

This enables Delacon’s clients to optimize marketing campaigns and allocate budget to areas where it will have greatest effect.

We offer clients a pool of dynamic call numbers that can be used to track the journeys of visitors to a website, and specific call numbers to track phone leads from offline media such as print or billboard campaigns. Any visit tracked by a dynamic call number is sent to Delacon’s reporting software for analysis to optimize marketing campaigns or channel investments.

A range of challenges

Like all businesses in the digital era, Delacon is experiencing an array of challenges. Clients are demanding faster, deeper, and more accurate insights, prompting marketing technology providers to invest in automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Furthermore, Delacon must meet client, consumer, and regulators’ requirements for greater data security and privacy.

We operate in a constantly evolving sector and have to be ready to move and deliver for our clients. Our aim is to be the call tracking partner of choice and to provide data to enable customers to make better business decisions.

From our inception, Delacon has turned to technology to innovate and deliver success. We operate an innovation center in India to take advantage of the country’s talented pool of IT experts and developers – helping ensure our product suite continues to evolve and adapt. With our Speech Analytics software now being cloud-based, we can better evaluate the business problems and challenges that our clients face and provide solutions without requiring clients to upgrade their existing technologies.

Delivering call tracking and reports faster

Moving to a cloud platform enables Delacon to provide Speech Analytics results and reports to clients faster and develop new features to meet customer demands at a rapid rate.

Furthermore, the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of these solutions enable Delacon to meet customer expectations for affordable products and solutions, while using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and automation to deliver deeper, more relevant insights.

In one case, Delacon provided speech analytics with sales call tracking and optimization into the DoubleClick advertising management solution. The client ran Speech Analytics on business-as-usual fixed campaigns in AdWords and gained insights it started testing with different audience targeting strategies. Delacon provided the client with details of telesales conversions for its cost-per-acquisition metric. When measuring online and sales together for the first time, the client found the total cost-per-acquisition was $82.

We then provided best- and worst-performing keywords by campaigns. In July, the client separated those two campaigns and began targeting three different audiences using our keywords data for optimization. This reduced its cost-per-acquisition from $82 to $73 in just one month.

The insights that have now become accessible through these new technologies will help tailor the correct approach to reach target demographics, retain valued customers and drastically improve the entire customer service experience. And that’s just a start.