Call Analytics

Why you need Call Analytics

First of all, what is Call Analytics?

Call Analytics is the collection, measurement and analysis of phone call data that can be used to optimize marketing campaigns as well as internal operations and sales processes. It is a handy inter-departmental tool that can provide you with access to data that shows which campaigns are successful and which leads are converting. Delacon’s Call Analytics provide valuable information detailing not only metrics of your calls, but thorough insights into what types of calls you are receiving, keywords your customers are using and much more. Our Call Tracking and Speech Analytics technologies allow for you to better your investments by knowing you have access to all the data needed to help make a well informed decision.

What are the benefits of call analytics?

Call Analytics have a number of useful applications that optimize businesses across various areas and departments.

Understand what your customers want

Delacon’s Speech Analytics enable you to understand why each call was made. Our Artificial Intelligence engine is able to automatically sort calls into categories using “positive” and “negative” terms and various generic and customized keywords used by your customers during conversations. These factors determine the reason for their call as well as customer sentiment. The Speech Analytics technology picks up on words and phrases such as “sale”, “assistance” or “order reference number” to appropriately categorize all calls.

Optimize your marketing with Call Analytics

By identifying the types of calls you are receiving and understanding what is being said, you can streamline your marketing campaigns. Call Tracking and Speech Analytics uncover patterns and trends that can allow for you to carefully tailor your marketing. Are you reaching your target demographics? Are your prospects converting into leads? If you can’t measure these factors, we are able to help!

Optimize service calls with call analytics

Speech Analytics can help identify critical issues that need urgent attention compared to standard support issues by scanning for specific keywords related to urgent or critical issues.  This data can then be fed back to engineering teams who can help fix the issue.

Equip your staff with the skills to succeed

Speech Analytics can assist with internal training to ensure your staff are performing their best and your customers are having a positive experience. By effectively listening to every call, you can assign values to a conversation based on your own metrics to come up with a lead score. Lead scoring can help work out which agents are performing best and allow an opportunity to provide additional training to staff needing some assistance.

Call Tracking and Speech Analytics are areas of Call Analytics, a powerful tool that provides you with access to the entire client journey, and puts you in control of making well informed decisions about your marketing, operational and sales proceedings.

If you would like to know how Call Analytics can assist your organization, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Delacon today!