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Placing Delacon Tracking Code on your Wix Website

If your website is built and hosted on the Wix platform, you may have previously found that you were not able to integrate your website with service providers, such as Delacon, due to restrictions within Wix relating to third party code. But with Wix’ recent updates, this problem has now been resolved.

Wix now allows addition of third-party code through their integration with Google Tag Manager (GTM), which will allow the use of Delacon’s tracking code where it was previously unavailable to Wix customers. To use this integration you will need to have a Wix connected domain ( and a (free) Google Tag Manager account ( You can then add Delacon’s tracking code to Google Tag Manager ( and finally enable the GTM integration within Wix (

Delacon can improve your marketing and operations performance by revealing the entire customer journey through our call intelligence technologies. Delacon’s call tracking will accurately identify which campaigns are working best and assist you with reducing your CPA, while increasing ROI. If you would like to know a little more about our solutions, our friendly support staff will be delighted to assist.