How To Get The Best Out Of Delacon

How to get the most out of Delacon

Delacon has a whole range of services and solutions, and if you’re using just a part of those services, you might be missing out on valuable insights. By taking full advantage of the full suite of Delacon services, you can optimise your marketing and ensure that you’re getting all the data you need. Calls are important – over 40% of all online search-related conversions take place over the phone, and the majority of businesses consider phone calls their most valuable source of quality leads.

To get the best out of using Delacon, you should consider using all of the available services:

  • Call Tracking
  • Call Management
  • Speech Analytics
  • Call Analytics and Reporting

Call Tracking

Delacon’s Call Tracking tells you everything that happens before, during and after the call. It gives you the chance to link every call with its source, understand what the customer needs, and connect the call to the sales outcome.

Using our sophisticated system of dynamic numbers, we can tell you the source of each and every call. If a call is the result of a customer finding you online, we can tell you where they searched, what search terms they used, where they landed on your website, and which pages they looked at before they called you. If you’re running marketing campaigns, your Delacon data will allow you to attribute sales to the right channel, and see how your ads are performing with much more accuracy than measuring online interactions alone. This means you can more efficiently distribute marketing spend, ultimately leading to savings for you.

All our data can be linked to your CRM, meaning that you can track a call from the initial interaction all the way through the customer journey, and directly link marketing initiatives to the sales outcomes.

Call Management

Our Call Management tools mean that you will miss fewer calls, know more about the callers you speak to, and make sure that customers who are ready to buy talk to the right people. Call Management means different things to each business. You might be worried about missing calls, or want to route your incoming calls to the right place; we can help you with everything.

Call Routing

With our Call Routing solutions, you can make sure that each caller is connected to the right person, first time.  Sophisticated call routing tailored to your needs will improve customer service, increase conversions and decrease missed calls.

If you have multiple locations, we can route calls to the caller’s nearest store, or agent. With time-of-day routing, callers can be directed to different agents based on when they call, so that callers aren’t connected with operators who aren’t able to help them. Using Call Tracking data, we can even send callers to different operators or agents based on the search terms they used online – for example, customers looking for cheap deals can be sent to one group of agents while callers looking for premium products could be directed to a different group.

All of this adds up to a better experience for your callers, improved customer satisfaction, and potentially increased sales revenue. 


IVR allows your callers to determine for themselves where their call gets routed. Presented with a list of options, your caller chooses the department, store or service that matches their intent, and they get routed where they want to go. Delacon’s IVR Capture can record all this data, and store it with the rest of your call data for analysis.

Having this information allows you to optimise your pool of agents, reallocate resources to meet the most common customer requirements, or identify areas for improvement in your service offer.

Call Recording

Further training opportunities are provided by Delacon’s Call Recording function. Every call to your business can be recorded and archived for further analysis. When combined with our Speech Analysis and Sentiment Analysis tools (more on those later), this is a powerful tool for understanding what’s happening when customers call you. Each recording can be accessed through the Delacon Reporting portal, and can be automatically emailed to you for instant access.

Being able to hear actual conversations will empower you to improve customer satisfaction, customer experience, and staff training.

Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics transcribes and analyses your calls, allowing you to ‘listen’ to every phone call your business receives. The empowers you to streamline marketing, sales and operational processes.

If you’re using our Call Tracking without implementing Speech Analytics, you might be missing out on valuable information. You can use the data to analyse the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, identify gaps in your service provision, and categorise the calls you’re receiving.  

Speech Analytics dives into what’s driving your calls and identifies any process gaps. It’s the cost-effective and efficient way of listening to every call and making sure you are aware of what your customers want, your staff are performing their best and that you are delivering unparalleled customer experience.

You can take things a step further; our Sentiment Analysis tools enable you to see, at a glance, how your customers are feeling, and how your operators are handling their calls. Our AI-driven tool scans the content of every call, and uses a bespoke algorithm to determine the sentiment of each speaker, and then assigns the call an overall sentiment score. By comparing the scores across calls, you can assess sentiment change over time, or evaluate the performance of operators or departments.

Dedicated reporting

If you’ve got Call Tracking set up, are using our Call Management services, and have started analysing the content of the calls with Speech Analytics, you’re going to be generating a lot of data. All of this information can be seen on our dedicated reporting platform, or you can integrate your Delacon data with whichever business intelligence platform you are already using.

Using Delacon’s dashboards, you can instantly see trends in call volume, call duration, missed calls, caller intent, and whole lot more. With a secure log-in from the Delacon website, you’re all set to analyse your telephone calls.

It doesn’t end there, though. If you’re already using another platform to analyse your online marketing, we can integrate your Delacon data with your online data, allowing you to analyse your call data alongside. We can integrate seamlessly with a range of industry-leading web analytics, business intelligence, optimisation and marketing automation platforms, and we can also feed data directly into your CRM, allowing you to link your call data all the way through to sales results.

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