Superstar Agents

Identify your superstar agents using real-time Speech Analytics

Enterprise level businesses that rely on sales calls coming into a call centre face a problem every day – how do they ensure that the best agents are being given the best leads?

Call centre agents are often measured by conversion rate, and assigned leads based on their historical performance. The problem is the delayed nature of those measurements – the data might be collated weekly and applied slowly. It’s also biased by the nature of the incoming leads – quality leads lead to large sales, and any agent not being fed quality leads will naturally struggle to convert as well as an agent being given qualified prospects. This can lead to skewed results, hiding quality agent performance.

It could be that you have superstar agents who are salvaging leads from the hardest calls and converting them, generating a positive experience for your customers, and generating value for you. The challenge is getting the data that will allow you to identify them – without it, their efforts will probably go unnoticed.

Using Speech Analytics, you can transcribe each call line-by-line, and by applying our Sentiment Analysis tools you can compute a ‘sentiment differential’ – you can identify calls where an agent engaged a negative customer and converted them into a sale. This ‘conversation quality’ metric could help you identify your best, most persuasive agents, and reward them with qualified leads that they can convert for you. Or you can leverage their skills, and deploy them as a trouble-shooter, tackling the hardest leads and converting them to sales. Finally, you could move them to a training role where they can pass on their skills to other agents to improve your overall talent pool. The choice is yours, but only made possible by sentiment data provided by speech analytics.

The power of Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics can be used for so much more than that. By automatically detecting and collating the keywords that your customers are using most often, you can determine the topics that are biggest concern to the people who buy your product. Creating and targeting marketing materials using these topics will appeal to your target market, and possibly lead to a greater return on investment for you. Bidding on these keywords in your online ads will lead to better leads, and increased sales. You might even find keywords and topics that you hadn’t thought of.

You can use speech analytics for automatic call categorisation, lead scoring, staff training, product development, marketing optimisation, and so much more. If you’re not analysing every call that you receive, you’re missing out on vital data.

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