20 Ways Call Tracking Analytics Can Increase Sales in 2021

1. Call Tracking Shows Which Marketing Activities Are Driving Calls To Your Business

Save thousands of dollars on ineffective Facebook, Bing, Google ads, TV placements and publications by finding out which channels and advertising campaigns work and convert to sales. Arm your contact centre sales agents with qualified leads from interested, ready to buy customers.

Call Tracking Shows Which Marketing Activities Are Driving Calls To Your Business

2. Call Tracking & Dynamic Number Insertion

Use dynamic numbers to increase your chances of making more sales by knowing more about a potential customer calling your business phone number in real time. You will know the media channel they saw your number on and the ad campaign or offer that grabbed their attention. You can even see their location and keywords they used to find you online.

Call Tracking & Dynamic Number Insertion

3. Call Tracking Whisper Messages = Valuable Sales Intelligence

Whisper Messages can be sent to your sales agents before they answer a call with a message alerting the sales agent that the customer came from a particular media campaign e.g. paid search, TV, etc… This helps the sales agent tailor the call to the customer. This whisper technique helps create instant caller rapport resulting in great customer service and hopefully a sale.

4. Call Tracking & Sales Conversion

Did a caller buy from you and was it a high value sale? Call tracking software from Delacon can establish a phone call $ value to sale rate. It can also track calls by sales agent so you can incentivise staff to use the insights they receive from call tracking to make a more informed sales pitch. It can give you detailed information showing sales call conversion rate by time of day, week etc..

5. Tracking Sales Call Duration

How long was your potential customer on hold? How long did they chat to your sales agent? You can improve sales knowing which agents make sales on shorter calls and share their sales script with other agents to boost sales and create efficiencies across your sales team.

6. Call Tracking & Call Volume

See how many phone calls you are getting from your mix of media channels to establish which advertising methods are the most effective. You can also see how special events, seasons and even weather affect your sales calls. Use what you learn to increase sales by taking advantage of peak call volume times.

Call Tracking & Call Volume

7. Real Time Call tracking Customised Reports

Impress the boss by having access to customised reports which show you how to Increase sales by only using the sales & marketing tactics that work at the right time with a specific customer.

8. Merge Call Tracking with Marketing Software

This will give you the full picture of how your marketing plan is impacting sales across many channels and campaigns. It not only helps with increasing sales but makes your marketing dollars work harder for you.

9. Call Tracking Return Callers

Tracking repeat callers = more sales opportunities. It’s easier to convert a repeat caller than a first-time caller to a sale. By seeing they called before, you know they are very interested in buying and you will also have their previous call history to hand.

Call Tracking Return Callers

10. Call Tracking Helps You To Calculate Potential Sales Revenue

Knowing the potential value of a phone call before an agent picks up means you can send more valuable phone enquiries to more senior sales agents ensuring you get that big sale.

11. Call Tracking Eliminates Lost Sales

Calls that don’t reach agents in real time = lost potential sales. You can see numbers that were missed, dropped or waiting too long and you can put a process in place to call these customers back as soon as possible.

12. Call Completion Rate

What % of calls are successfully connected? This can be impacted by callers dropping off whilst waiting for agents or network congestion. A lost call is a lost sales opportunity.

13. Supercharged Sales Call Tracking With Adwords Call Forwarding

Now you can track calls to your business that come directly from Google Ads and search. Over 50% of inbound calls come from a customer simply viewing an ad or seeing your business in search results. These customers don’t actually click on your ad or visit your website so typically this would be impossible to track. With Delacon call tracking in place you can calculate the performance of your online advertisements more effectively.

Supercharged Sales Call Tracking With Adwords Call Forwarding

14. Call Tracking Conversion Data

Data can be stored and synced with Salesforce, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Campaign Manager, SA360 and many more software integrations. With call tracking you can guide your prospect customer through your sales pipeline resulting in a seamless tailored customer engagement.

15. Cost Per Sales Agent Call

Call tracking shows how much a sales call costs by agent and what the average revenue generated by a sales call is.

16. Call Tracking & Speech Analytics

You can analyze conversations, identify keywords and categorize customer types using Delacon’s AI enabled Solution.

Call Tracking & Speech Analytics

17. Call Recording

See where a caller drops off in a conversation to understand why they lost interest or what the barrier was to making a sale. You can use these to recontact the customer with an offer that suits their needs better or use for sales training purposes

18. Call Tracking & Device Identification

Call tracking can tell what device a potential customer saw your advertisement on. This gives you an insight as to whether mobile or desktop advertising generates more sales for your business. It also tells you the best time of day to serve ads on each device.

Call Tracking & Device Identification

19. Call Tracking & Post Call SMS

Keep your potential or new customer engaged by sending the customer an SMS post call. It can be to simply thank the customer for calling or sending them more information about the product they are interested in. Sending an SMS to missed calls also encourages the potential customer to re-engage and call again.

20. Call Tracking and post call Customer Survey

Delacon’s feedback survey enables customers to provide information regarding the call they just had which can be fed back to the sales team to re-engage the customer.

Call Tracking and post call Customer Survey