Make The Most Of Call Tracking By Upgrading To Universal Analytics

How to deliver results from marketing strategies with our integration into Google Analytics 4

Delacon’s call tracking integration with Google Analytics 4 is loved by our customers and their marketing teams and improves sales conversion rates. Allowing direct access to data including information on which ads, keywords, and other sources drive calls and sales. Google Analytics 4 uses a more flexible model that allows it to be more accurate with reporting. Marketers obtain additional information from each interaction such as value of purchase and page title.

Delacon’s integration is highly valuable to marketers who face issues in relation to not having a clear perspective on what digital marketing channels are delivering the best results, the importance of keywords and not implementing call recording software when required.  This has a direct impact on the money invested into campaigns and advertisements if they are not able to collect the required data. With the assistance of Delacon’s advanced call tracking integration, marketers will get access to all relevant data they need to help resolve issues and get the best return for their marketing budgets.

At Delacon we help deliver results from your marketing strategies by providing the right tools. An example, one of our valued customers who was unaware of the importance of call tracking in collecting valuable data about their clients. This led to not having a clear understanding of how they should approach their digital marketing strategy.  When they implemented Delacon’s call tracking integration with Google Analytics 4 they were able to access their customer analytics that helped them with their sales tracking and if their content was being directed towards the correct target market. They were also able to recognize a rise in demand for certain products as they noticed their customers needs had evolved. Other customers have used this integration due to it’s flexibility in accessing their business data across different platforms. This helped them anticipate the actions their customers might make that created better experiences for them. Understanding your customers preferences is crucial especially with the continuous rise in consumer expectations and understanding these preferences allow you to develop more personal customer relationships. 

If you would like more information about how to set up our integration or would like help making this work for your business please contact us.