Call Leads Attract Higher Scores Web Leads

Call leads attract higher scores than web leads

Marketing automation software has made the producing and the analysing of marketing campaigns very easy.

Whether it’s an automated lead nurture process or a customer retention program, it’s now possible to seamlessly set the path, refine the communication materials and monitor the results. Thanks to Marketo, the automation revolution has created a world of difference to marketers whose job revolves around finding the most effective way to entice leads to contact the business and then to convince these leads to purchase the product or engage with the services.

Automated trigger emails are fantastic in response to potential customers who fill out an online submission form. The lead can be nurtured according to the businesses objectives using marketing automation and move through the sales funnel from marketing qualified to sales qualified until such time as the lead becomes a fully-fledged customer.

But the question remains – what happens if the lead didn’t passively fill out an online form on a website but made the more proactive effort to dial a phone number with the intention of talking through the burning questions with an operator?

Surely under these circumstances the score this lead would be attributed would be significantly more than a score given to individuals who fill out a web form.

It’s generally accepted that leads who call a company are not only considered more qualified but are also considered higher value leads. Customers are more confident making higher value purchases after they’ve spoken to a call centre operator who can answer all their questions before going on to make the transaction.

If we return to the concept that the purpose of marketing automation is to streamline marketing operations and the sales funnel, then surely it’s imperative that customers who call a business also enjoy the same automated service than their counterparts who fill in a web submission form?

You could even send phone leads onto a different nurture path than web enquiry leads. That’s beauty of marketing automation – you can tailor the software so that it works for your business.

Here at Delacon, we would encourage our customers to send call tracking data into their marketing automation software. This way you can more effectively score the leads appropriately and give these leads the attention they deserve.

Ultimately there is little point having half your leads automated and the other half treated in a different manner.

Lyndon Barnett

Lyndon has always been fascinated by technology.