Gain Insights From Placing Unique Call Tracking Numbers On Multiple Advertising Sources

Gain insights from placing unique call tracking numbers on multiple advertising sources

Despite certain predictions, print media remains as a dominant source of information and entertainment in our lives. Newsagents continue to stock magazines that cover everything from big-name glossy mags to niche offerings that only appeal to a select few. As a brand, how do you really know which magazine will yield the best return on your investment? Monetising and accurately measuring the response from print ads can be a substantial challenge – especially given the fact that calls generally yield a higher value sale.

Here at Delacon, we take the view that a call tracking number such as a region-specific toll free number should be used to accurately measure the volume of calls that come from a marketing source. But you could take this principle one step further and invest in as many call tracking numbers as you require for complete segmentation of the data.

Therefore if you advertise in Women’s Weekly you could allocate a call tracking number only to the Women’s Weekly advertisement. If you also advertise in Woman’s Day – then you could use a second call tracking number just for Woman’s Day, a third for Hello! and a fourth for OK! Magazine.

In Delacon’s Call Reports, you will then be able to analyse the call data segmented by each magazine and gain valuable insights from callers who respond to your advertisement based on the magazine source. You might discover that one magazine yields more calls but the revenue is lower than another magazine that yields fewer calls but each call attracts a higher value. You could discover that one particular magazine doesn’t attract any calls, in which case you would be able to reallocate those funds to better performing magazines.

By analysing call tracking data you can continue to optimise your marketing spend to high performing sources.

If you really wanted to drill down even further, you could place different call tracking numbers on advertisements placed in different parts of the same magazine. You could conclusively determine whether the back page or inside cover really does warrant the higher location price tag. You could analyse the effectiveness of creating a lift out section or a partially hidden ad that involves a reveal.

As a marketer it’s beneficial to have a chat with a Delacon call tracking expert. You could explain to them where you’re currently advertising and they can suggest the most effective way to gain valuable call insights by using multiple call tracking numbers placed against unique marketing sources.

Lyndon Barnett

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