Sales And Marketing Making More Informed Decisions With A Post Call Feedback Survey

Sales and Marketing both making more informed decisions with a post-call feedback survey

As an optional extra with Delacon’s call tracking solution, companies can benefit from what we call a post-call feedback survey. This is a particularly useful feature that allows for immediate visibility on the outcome of a call.

After the customer hangs up, the operator will be prompted to use their telephone keypad to enter post-call information. The call survey questions can be customised to suit your business requirements.

But as an example the sales consultant may be asked to:

  • Press 1 if the call was a sale
  • Press 2 if the call was an enquiry
  • Press 3 if the call was a complaint

If the call was a sale, the operator could be prompted to enter a value for that call.

This data is collected in real time and can be analysed in both Delacon’s reports and in Google Universal Analytics. The analysis can provide an immediate indication of the success of a campaign as its happening and help marketing teams track revenue pipelines as they’re being created.

Delacon’s post-call feedback survey is made even more powerful with the integration of Salesforce. In addition to important data about the customer’s journey before they made the call being visible to a sales operator in Salesforce, the post-call feedback data can also be sent into Salesforce – attached to the lead and mapped across to the Account. This not only makes the office even more efficient, but it also gives management the opportunity to run reports in Salesforce.

In essence whatever platform is most useful to your business – whether it’s Google Analytics, our reports, Salesforce or a custom integration, we can send essential data into the software that will allow you to analyse the results and make informed decisions based on complete information. Making this data available to your sales team helps to bridge the gap with marketing initiatives and provides those responsible for closing and converting leads with all the relevant information to help guide their conversations towards success.

The implications of gathering data from call tracking are considerable. What you and your team do with this data can aid the everyday operations of your marketing and sales teams simultaneously. The greater the visibility, the more informed all your teams become – which can only lead to more insightful decisions being made across your company.

Lyndon Barnett

Lyndon has always been fascinated by technology.