Multiple Sets

Using multiple sets of dynamic numbers for business units or stores

Under the standard Delacon call tracking model, we recommend our clients calculate the amount of dynamic numbers required for their website based on web traffic and to display these call tracking numbers on the site to accurately attribute each individual browsing session to the offline call.

This model is incredibly effective. We can collect data for all calls and then route the callers to the most appropriate termination point by transferring the call directly, using IVR menuing or with sophisticated call routing such as using a mobile cell tower.

However your organisation might be divided into different divisions with self-contained departments that are promoted on the same website. Alternatively, you might manage a centralised website that’s responsible for delivering leads to various stores or franchised outlets.

The challenge is to collect the call data for analysis and optimisation, accurately identify the volume of leads generated through your marketing efforts for each store and to keep the individual store owners happy.

So how do you do this?

We can provide you with dedicated sets of dynamic numbers for each business unit or each store. That way, you’ll be able to accurately capture the call data about each caller, assign the volume of callers to each business unit and at the same time seamlessly transfer the caller to the most appropriate destination.

The calculation for the amount of dynamic numbers for each business unit is determined by the volume of web visitors who are estimated to call each business unit or store.

The operator at the end of the call won’t even realise that the call data has passed through our system if you don’t want them to. Alternatively, you may choose to make the caller’s details available to each store through Delacon’s integration with your CRM and the operator can use this information to guide the call to a successful outcome.

As a marketer you’ll be able to not only add calls into the measurement of campaign success but you’ll also be able collate accurate data on the most popular business units or stores.

Delacon’s development team, regularly create custom call tracking installations for our customers. If you have a designated work flow for your business, we can work with you to devise a solution to maximise the effectiveness of capturing call data that has minimal impacts on the day to day operations of your business. In many instances, our call tracking solution can actually assist to streamline your processes by utilising the various features associated with our call tracking solution.

Lyndon Barnett

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