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Call data provides valuable insights to optimise eCommerce websites

While the concepts around the measurement and optimisation of campaigns with the inclusion of all available conversion data will always be a fundamental element of call tracking, there are other key stakeholders, aside from marketing teams, that may find the insights that can be gleaned from call data useful.

Take the user experience guys for example. We’re all aware that it’s their job to create a seamless digital journey for prospects. Most notably for eCommerce websites, it’s imperative to encouage the prospect to click the “buy now” button and then proceed all the way through the online buying process.

While it’s relatively easy to identify in an analytics platform at what points through the purchasing steps, prospects abandon the cart, it’s not so easy to accurately identify the stages at which prospects determined to go ahead with the purchase pick up the telephone and dial the call centre.

With a call tracking solution such as the option provided by Delacon, this point can be accurately identified. The call data can then be analysed in conjunction with the cart abandonment data to generate fully informed insights based on all options that a prospect may not feel comfortable continuing with the online purchase.

There could be many reasons why a customer decides to call – even if they have already commenced an online sale. Perhaps the prospect doesn’t feel comfortable making such a large purchase online, has second thoughts and prefers to let a call centre operator put the sale through.

Alternatively perhaps the customer has more questions about the product. In this case, the call data might also be useful to the content strategists because if the intention is to keep customers online, then maybe the content needs fleshing out so that all the relevant information is available. On the other hand, maybe the information isn’t immediately obvious and a redesign of the web page is necessary.

Important design, UX and content decisions around the effective functioning of on an eCommerce website are best made with all available data. Delacon’s call tracking solution can provide to each of web team valuable insights around the customer’s journey the led to a call. This information can be fed into the mix and taken into consideration when making pivotal changes to optimise the performance of the site.

Lyndon Barnett

Lyndon has always been fascinated by technology.