Call Tracking

Supercharge your Marketing and Sales Optimisation Strategies

Data collected from Call Tracking can make marketing and sales optimisation strategies even more effective to drive greater ROI.

We all know the benefits of marketing optimisation and sales optimisation. But have you ever considered how Call Tracking could work together with your optimisation strategies to deliver a greater ROI?

Consider this:
1. Research shows that 70 per cent of mobile searching results in a call
2. It also shows that 43 per cent of all web search-related sales conversions take place on the phone

Call Tracking and Marketing Optimisation

Data collected from tracking enquiries over the phone can be valuable to any business where the phone call plays an important role in the path to purchase. If we start at the beginning of the purchasing funnel, we know that many marketers use marketing optimisation to improve their campaigns based on the data received back from their performance. This online data is typically viewed via Google Analytics, Google Ads and bid management tools, with marketers adjusting their campaigns to attract more leads and sales.

But what happens when you add Call Tracking into the mix?

Adding in data from Call Tracking allows businesses to monitor which marketing sources are delivering calls to their business, providing a more complete view of their overall marketing campaign performance.
In most cases, marketers will find that their cost per lead and cost per action reduces as they take into account call data.

In a nutshell, Call Tracking can help uncover:
• The campaigns delivering calls
• The keywords generating calls
• The landing pages generating calls
• Which department (sales, account, billing etc.) calls are going through to
• The state calls are coming from
• Average call duration
• The ISP/network of the caller

All of this data can be used to more effectively to optimise marketing campaigns (in real-time), and streamline budgets to maximise your return on investment.

Turning leads into customers through sales optimisation

When businesses optimise their marketing campaigns to generate leads, they also need to make sure that they are in the best possible position to turn those leads into customers. This is when sales optimisation comes into play.

There are various sales optimisation applications in the market that can be utilised to help boost sales:

• Route calls efficiently – call routing technology allows for businesses to route calls to their various departments based on either the IVR (interactive voice response) selection, or the call tracking data collected.
• Call outcomes – see what happened to each one of your calls. Was the call missed, answered or hung up? Marketers can take this further by implementing a call feedback survey which allows businesses to see which calls resulted in a sale and the value of each sale. This will also reveal how efficient a business’ call center is at answering incoming calls.
Caller intent – IVR intercept features captures the menu options selected by callers, allowing businesses to see which department calls are going through to. By seeing the number of calls going through to your sales department, you can match these records against sales made to see how effective your sales team is. IVR intercept data can also be pushed into Google Analytics and displayed in a dashboard; and pushed into bid management platforms to ensure bidding on keywords that generated calls to your sales team.
• Time of day reports – these provide a daily or hourly breakdown of call volumes over a given period, as well as a breakdown of the number of calls answered, unanswered, the average duration and if a sale has occurred.

Finally, the application of Call Tracking is enhanced by its integration into a variety of platforms. By integrating into CRMs, bid managers, tag managers and analytics platforms, both marketing and sales optimisation can become even more effective.

To find out how Call Tracking can help to optimize your marketing and sales operations, get in contact with us today!