Offline Speech Analytics

Offline Speech Analytics Now Available

Delacon’s AI-powered machine learning solution, Speech Analytics is the most advanced one-stop-shop for discovering all your customers’ needs; streamlining marketing, customer service and operational processes and ensuring your staff are performing their very best.

Our solution has a plethora of applications that can target specific areas of your business and ensure your objectives are met and exceeded. From confirming agents are following correct wording and identifying non-compliant calls, to extracting valuable keywords, to optimising your marketing campaigns, effective dispute-resolution, measuring sentiment, call categorization and more.

It’s the one single product that can significantly improve your current processes- and it’s one that will do it fast.

Due to extensive demand, our Speech Analytics solution is now enabled for clients who do not currently have call recording with Delacon but have their own call recordings. We are able to manually mass upload the recording files for the use of all Speech Analytics services so that you can enjoy a full spectrum of Speech Analytics features using your very own call recordings.

If you would like to enable offline Speech Analytics or learn more about the product, get in contact with Delacon today!