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Ordering numbers through the Delacon Portal

Delacon’s online number ordering tool is a quick and easy way to add new tracking numbers to your Delacon account. The tool is accessed through the Delacon Portal, so you have access to new numbers at your fingertips.

Having the right quantity of numbers is vital for your Call Tracking to work correctly. Without sufficient numbers, your tracking may be inaccurate, causing inconsistencies in your reporting, and potentially leading to calls being misattributed. When you first sign up to Delacon, our specialists will work with you to calculate the correct quantity of numbers for your needs, based on web traffic. But if your website starts to see more traffic, or you have a major campaign planned that requires more numbers, you will need to order more. You now have the ability to do that right there in the portal, without having to contact Delacon Support.

New numbers aren’t reserved for online campaigns, of course. If you’re creating new offline collateral, you might also need new numbers, especially if the new campaign runs alongside already existing offline marketing. These numbers would be ordered in exactly the same way, through our portal.

How to add new numbers

You can add numbers to both a new service and an existing service, and for many customers, new numbers will be available in your campaign directory instantly; Delacon holds stock for all number types in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. If a certain number type is not in stock or the quantity of numbers required is unavailable, the system will automatically create an alert for our Orders team, who will manually add the numbers to your account.

You can find out more about how dynamic numbers work, and how to calculate the quantity you’ll need, on our Dynamic Numbers page.

If you’re ready to order new numbers for your services, we’ve created a how-to guide to take you through the process.

If you’d like more information about any of Delacon’s services, or want to talk to us about requirements for an up-coming campaign, please get in touch.