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Will the loss of third-party cookies affect Delacon’s Call Tracking?

Google is phasing out third party cookies, but what does that mean for Delacon’s Call Tracking software?

Last year, Google announced that support for third-party cookies will be phased out on Chrome browsers by 2022. Other browsers, such as Firefox and Safari, have blocked third-party cookies for some time, but as traffic on Chrome makes up about half of all worldwide internet traffic, marketers are understandably interested in how Google expects things to work in the future. Google say they want to ensure greater privacy and security for the users of their browser, but what does it mean for marketers who rely on call tracking data?

The good news is that Delacon’s Call Tracking solution will be completely unaffected. Delacon’s technology does not rely on third-party cookies, and nor do we ever use them. Third-party cookies track your internet browsing across sites, which is incredibly useful for advertisers, who will need to look for alternative solutions. Delacon’s solution allows site owners to drop their own first-party cookies to take advantage of our call tracking technology. First-party cookies aren’t going anywhere, and remain a vital part of the internet standard.

Delacon’s technology is only concerned with the activity on your site, so we don’t need to use third-party cookies to track users across the internet. In fact, cookies associated with Delacon’s call tracking are temporary, and are removed as soon as the user finishes their internet browsing session.

All this means that any changes, now or in the future, to how browsers treat third-party cookies will have no effect on your call tracking.

How does Call Tracking work?

Delacon’s Call Tracking solution uses sophisticated technology developed in-house that centres around dynamic call tracking numbers on websites and specific call tracking numbers on offline marketing campaigns. Each customer that visits your site will be presented with a unique phone number that allows us to connect their online session with their call to you. This means you can track their whole journey through your system. We integrate this data with a range of Business Intelligence platforms, allowing you an end-to-end view.

Our Call Tracking software allows you to follow the entire customer journey from online search through to offline call inquiry. You can match calls to the marketing initiative (both online and offline) that drove the inquiry, and identify online marketing channels and search keywords that yield high value phone leads.

If you have any questions about Call Tracking, and how it can provide vital marketing analysis data to your organisation, please get in touch.