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How to drive and manage your phone calls with Delacon’s Search Ads 360 Integration for Call Only Ads

Phone calls are considered one of, if not the most important lead source for all types of businesses, and in a mobile, connected world advertisers are constantly looking for ways to encourage customers to call instead of visiting a website.

Call Only Google Ads allow businesses to target customers who predominately use their mobile phones and who are looking to call when it’s important or when they can’t access help online or through an app.

The ad includes a business phone number, and provides a convenient “Call” button so customers can reach your business directly.

Call-only campaigns are different to call extensions as users can only call from the ad displayed. Call extensions allow you to call or click through to your website.


If the primary goal for your business is to drive phone calls in comparison to website visits, then running a call-only ad campaign is the best option for you. Call-only campaigns are a great tool if you want to generate more leads by accurately calculating your cost per lead (CPL). Delacon can implement its call tracking to collect the data including call conversions when using call-only campaigns just like we can with call extensions. We can also provide insights into call duration, the device customers were using and caller intent if IVR is in use.

What is Delacon’s Search Ads 360 (SA360) integration for Call Only Ads?

At Delacon we have integrated our advanced call tracking solution with Search Ads 360 Call-Only Ads to allow our customers to see which campaigns, ad groups and keywords are generating sales and support calls or calls that last longer than 10 minutes.

The Search Ads 360 platform provides a new and efficient way for businesses to manage search campaigns across multiple channels and display valuable insights that can lead to more informed business decisions. You can get access to all the insights your business needs in one data visualization platform which allows you to understand the customer journey in an ever-changing market.

In addition to further managing your calls, you can implement Delacon’s call management feature IVR capture to see which phone menu options were pressed by callers. Not only will you be able to see which departments your callers are going through, but you can also see how effective your marketing campaigns are at driving calls to your sales team and which campaigns/keywords generate sales calls.

How does Delacon’s Search Ads 360 (SA360) integration for Call Only Ads work?

Delacon’s Google Ads (AdWords) Call Only ad mapping enables you to place call tracking numbers into Google’s Ads’ Call Only ads. This allows calls made directly from the Call Only ad without the caller clicking through to the landing page to be tracked.  Delacon will then upload your matched call tracking conversion data to your SA360.

We can do this by:

  • Setting up your CID and call tracking numbers (this step may be done by your Delacon Account Manager).
  • Setting up Delacon’s Google Ads integration.
  • Setting up Google Ads Call Only ad mapping.
  • Entering Delacon’s Call Tracking numbers into Google Ads Call Only ads.

If you are looking to get started on your Search Ads 360 (SA360) integration for Call Only Ads with Delacon, follow the setup guide here and make more informed business decisions with data today!