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Elevate Your Marketing Game with Delacon’s Call Tracking Solution

Understanding call data is vital to marketing campaigns and provides key information for a business’s ROI. Many customers still prefer to call a business after seeing marketing material, whether it be online or in print, so it is therefore vital to track these leads. Delacon’s Call Tracking allows you to follow a customer’s journey through your phone system and can also record and capture information on where the lead originated. How, then, can ROI be improved using call tracking? Read on to find out.

Why is it Important to Measure ROI?

In a marketing campaign, you want to ensure the return you are receiving is greater than the investment into the campaign. This is known as ROI or Return on Investment. Measuring ROI can determine the marketing strategies that are working well for your business, and which ones could use improvement or do not see any return. Resources and money can then be put towards the strategies that have been identified as providing a return for your business.

ROI is a crucial metric for any business to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. It provides a concrete way to analyze the financial performance of a marketing campaign. The higher the ROI, the more value the business has gained for its investment. The calculation of ROI is relatively simple: it’s the profit or revenue generated from a campaign divided by the total cost of that campaign.

By monitoring the ROI of a marketing campaign, businesses can track their progress and make strategic decisions about where to allocate resources and marketing spend. The insights gained from ROI analysis can help businesses identify trends, establish clear objectives, and optimize their marketing efforts to generate more revenue.

Measuring ROI can also help businesses to identify opportunities to improve their marketing campaigns. For example, they may identify tactics that are not delivering the expected ROI and can make adjustments to optimize the campaigns and increase returns.

How Can Delacon’s Call Tracking Increase ROI?

Delacon’s Call Tracking software treats customer calls as a conversion. Dynamic phone numbers are inserted onto a website, with specific call tracking numbers that link to online and offline campaigns. The entire customer journey can be followed, and data is captured through the dynamic phone number when a customer calls. This data is sent to your analytics software, which provides insight into your marketing channels and campaigns.

Our solution identifies keywords and online marketing channels that yield high-value phone sales and provides a complete data picture to help increase ROI. The call data can be analysed with online metrics in one place, which provides meaningful insights and a complete data picture for your campaigns. Delacon’s solution can be easily integrated with other providers in tag management and website analytics, such as Google Analytics, and with CRM and marketing automation software.

Through a simple solution such as Delacon’s Call Tracking, increases in ROI can be seen for your business, and it ensures marketing funds are utilised within the most beneficial channels. It allows for complete confidence when optimising your campaigns.

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