Enhance Your Brand with Delacon’s White Label Solution – Create a Seamless Brand Experience for Your Clients

Seeking a way to preserve brand integrity while providing top-notch services? Delacon’s White Label Solution is the answer.

Our White Label Solution allows you to integrate the Delacon portal into your services seamlessly, while safeguarding your brand identity. Every element of the portal, from the colour scheme to the logo, can be tailored to match your brand’s guidelines. This ensures that your clients have a cohesive brand experience throughout their interactions with your company.

One of the key benefits of our White Label Solution is the complete removal of any Delacon references. Instead, your branding will take center stage, enhancing brand awareness and fostering trust among your clients. By seamlessly blending your branding with the Delacon portal, you can strengthen the connection between your services and your clients.

Setting up Delacon’s White Label Solution is a straightforward process, designed for your convenience. Our comprehensive guide provides clear instructions on how to white-label the portal, ensuring a smooth and effortless implementation.

Note that the setup guide only covers customizing the portal. If you want to customize the email address for client notifications, please see the separate guide. You can also customize invoices for Agency and Directory Clients. To do this, you can add your company logo and specify the email address that the invoice will be sent from. These instructions are explained in the invoice configuration support guide.

Delacon’s White Label Solution is the perfect way to seamlessly integrate our portal into your services, while maintaining brand consistency. With the ability to customise the portal to reflect your brand identity, you can create a unique and trustworthy experience for your clients. Follow our simple setup steps to unveil your very own branded Delacon portal and elevate your services to new heights.