Some of the Brands that use Delacon Technology

Delacon Client - Optus
Delacon Client - Open Colleges
Delacon Client - iSelect
Delacon Client - Flight Center
Delacon Client - Monster Group
Delacon Client - aHM
Delacon Client - RACV

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Delacon AdobeDemo


Delacon Data is pushed into Adobe Analytics for better analysis and optimisation. We are able to capture all online and offline call tracking data.


The Delacon- Adobe integration allows for individual call data to be sent into Adobe Analytics from the Delacon service. This includes the call "event" as well as all of the call variables, such as duration, business type, call status and more.


Each variable related to the call is made available as a first class report. You are able to define goals and set alerts for unusual spikes or troughs in traffic.


You are able to build dynamic reports and dashboards, curate and distribute to end users.


Multi visualisation types: includes inbuilt, automatic anomaly detection, e.g. longer than usual calls.


Analyse data with unlimited breakdowns against all correlated data.


The easy to navigate work-space puts you in control and allows you to identify exactly what calls your business is receiving, providing you with the right data to optimise your marketing campaigns and operations procedures.