MatchCraft is a digital advertising platform specifically designed for partners who look after the digital advertising needs of small and local businesses.

Able to be used across Search, Display, Remarketing, Social and Shopping, it allows you “Sell, manage, and scale high-performing digital marketing campaigns for your advertisers”.

It offers a number of features:

  • Hourly automated bid optimisation to deliver maximum results
  • Automated campaign setup and provision
  • Call Tracking integrated so you can optimise towards calls
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MatchCraft and Call Tracking

MatchCraft can optimise keywords and campaigns towards those that are driving phone calls, helping to ensure they are bidding on keywords that are driving genuine leads to clients. Phone data is displayed in an easy to understand format within the MatchCraft platform:

Matchcraft Screen Shot

Interested in MatchCraft Integration?

Use MatchCraft to optimise your digital campaigns for phone calls as well as clicks

See our integration guide here for all setup instructions.