Delacon's call recording service

Recording calls can help business gain a better understanding of their customer base and improve customer service and sales techniques. Alternatively there may be compliance reasons for recording either outbound or inbound calls.

Delacon’s call recording software is easy to implement. The recordings are available immediately at the end of the conversation and can be accessed through Delacon’s web portal or they can be emailed to a designated email address. The .wav files can be downloaded and stored on your computer, copied to an external hard drive or burnt onto CD.

The recordings are saved in a tier 1 data centre that is ISO27001 certified. With unrivaled physical security, top network availability and robust fully redundant power architecture, your call recordings are safe and secure.

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Inbound Call Recording

Delacon’s inbound call recording software is most commonly used in conjunction with our Call Tracking solution. By using a dynamic call tracking number on your advertising platforms including websites, print and video, the inbound calls can be tracked to the source and recorded. Read more about the features of our Call Tracking solution.

Outbound Call Recording

Outbound calls can be tracked by inserting an override code before the destination telephone number that needs to be recorded. This way the call goes through Delacon’s systems and we can capture the recording in our secure data centre. The quality of the call is unaffected by the override code. Businesses can isolate the outbound calls that need to be recorded and insert the override code only into those numbers.