As a sophisticated white-label attribution platform, HasOffers gives marketers the ability to track and manage their affiliate campaigns based on accurate attribution. It’s perfect for networks, agencies and media buyers who manage digital affiliate advertising initiatives.

While the software is an extremely powerful tool, if you don’t include all available conversion data you may not be accurately measuring the success of each ad placement and campaign.

Call data is an important conversion measurement that should be included with submission form conversions.

Through Delacon’s technical integration with HasOffers you’ll be able to accurately track web form submissions and call conversions together. In this way, you’ll have a more accurate representation of the success of the display campaigns and the best performing placements.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to take complete credit for all the leads you generate for your clients through your affiliate marketing campaigns.

There are generally two call conversion options. You may decide to place a phone number on the display ad and encourage prospects to call direct from the display ad.

The other possibility is encouraging the prospect to click from the display ad through to the business website. The prospect then may decide to make a call after browsing the site. To accurately track the call in this scenario, you would place a utm code on the link from the ad such as{affiliate_id}&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_term={source}&utm_campaign={offer_id}.

When the call is made, Delacon’s call tracking solution will capture the call data identifying the source and offer ID from the utm code and send the URL conversion link to HasOffers. The conversion link would look similar to this: http:/has_offers_example.

As an agency or advertiser, by capturing both web and call conversion data in HasOffers, you’ll be able to more effectively analyse the true representation of which affiliate marketing campaign and placement is delivering the most leads.

To benefit from call tracking data in HasOffers, contact the sales team at Delacon.

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