Through a technical integration, Delacon’s call tracking solution can send the captured call data into Skai so that you can have easy access to all of your campaign performance data in one platform. You’ll be able to more effectively analyse your online campaign performance across all your channels to more accurately determine your return on investment.

By harnessing the power of Skai’s sophisticated algorithm, the system will automatically re-evaluate successful campaigns and reallocate funds as appropriate. The platform encourages users to define the most appropriate weighting for each conversion and to grant the algorithm permission to optimise each campaign based on your business objectives.

Weighting is all the more important when taking into consideration call conversions. Calls are important because sales calls generally attract quality leads who are closer to making a purchasing decision and who attract a higher value sale. For example in the Attribution Model functionality you could add greater weight to call conversions as opposed to click conversions.

In addition by using Skai’s custom metrics you could define elements of the call that are important to your business. Therefore if call duration is an important factor when defining the interaction of leads with your call centre, you could set a custom metric that defines calls over a particular length and give a significant weighting to those calls. This can then feed back into the algorithm to optimise campaigns and keywords that generated those calls.

The reporting tools of Skai are designed to present both an overview of campaign performance and facilitate granular analysis. The call log offers a detailed description of each caller, while the path to conversion report will demonstrate the prospect’s journey prior to the conversion – whether that be a call or click.

Independently, Delacon’s call tracking solution and Skai are powerful but together they have the ability to redefine your approach to marketing and lead generation.

To benefit from call tracking data in Skai, contact the sales team at Delacon.