Through a technical integration, Delacon’s call tracking solution can send call data into Marin Software so that you can have easy access to all of your campaign performance data in one platform. You’ll be able to:

  • more effectively analyse your online campaign performance across all your channels
  • more accurately determine your return on investment
  • make fully informed decisions regarding the optimisation of your campaigns.

It’s no longer enough to analyse online web conversion analytics in isolation. By collecting both web and call data in one platform, you’ll be able to more effectively analyse online campaign performance. With the inclusion of call data, you’ll have a true representation of the success of online campaigns.

Call conversion data is important because sales calls generally attract higher quality leads. Within the platform you could potentially add greater weight to call conversions as opposed to click conversions. You may even take the intelligence to the next level and add an even greater weight to longer calls.

By harnessing the sophisticated bid automation functionality of Marin, you instruct the system to automatically reallocate resources based on the keywords and campaigns that attract calls from hot prospects. In this way, your marketing spend will be working at its optimum.

The integration of Delacon’s call tracking solution and Marin has the potential to lead to a lower cost-per-click, a lower cost-per-conversion, an increase in the revenue per click and an increase in the ROI per click.


Accurate attribution of call centre conversions against campaigns

CallCenter tracking

Accurate attribution of call centre conversions against keywords


To benefit from call tracking data in Marin, contact the sales team at Delacon.