By integrating Delacon’s call tracking solution with Google DoubleClick Search, you’ll be able to track call data from paid online ads managed within DoubleClick. In doing so, you can more accurately measure the campaign performance by including both click data and call data. You’ll be able to more accurately measure the return on your DoubleClick investment and optimise each campaign based on complete information.

When a lead makes a call from a website landing page after clicking on a DoubleClick Search ad, Delacon’s system will fire a conversion event to DoubleClick search.

Calls are just as important if not more so than clicks from web submission forms. Generally callers are closer to making a purchasing decision and they also attract a higher sale value.

Overall with the inclusion of call data, you’ll be able to track both DoubleClick actions and transactions. An action contains the Floodlight activities that count the number of times that users have visited a particular webpage after clicking on an ad and a transaction contains Floodlight activities that track the number of sales made or the number of items purchased. The total value of each sale can be captured using Delacon’s post-call survey functionality.

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Analyse data captured by Delacon’s call tracking solution in DoubleClick Search

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