Provide a cohesive phone experience for customers

In a distributed business model, it’s essential that as a franchised brand, you manage your customer’s call experience – whether they are existing customers contacting the specific business with questions or potential customers who would like to engage your services or purchase your products. With Delacon’s call tracking and management solution you can automatically route calls around your network and collect data on the calls to further optimise marketing campaigns.

Using Delacon’s call routing you can send incoming calls to the specific franchise nearest to your customer. When your customer rings a toll free number, international number or local landline, they can be greeted with a custom message asking them to enter their postcode. Our system will then transfer the incoming call to the closest business.

And with our call tracking solution, you can attribute inbound call enquiries to specific marketing initiatives to more accurately optimise your advertising spend. The call recording and call feedback functionality let’s you monitor all leads generated for the business.

Apart from franchise businesses, our solutions would suit retail chains with more than one location, manufacturing companies who want to boost sales by having one simple number that directs consumers to their closest stockist, after care service organisations who want to connect consumers to their local registered technical support agent.

How franchised businesses benefit from call routing and tracking

  • Management of leads from the franchise brand to the franchise outlet
  • Accurate measurement of leads distributed to each franchise business
  • Identify marketing channels that yield high value phone leads for each franchise business
  • Confidently optimise campaigns with complete knowledge

Postcode Routing


Delacon’s franchise solutions uses a state of the art proprietary postcode routing platform to ensure calls to toll free or local numbers are directed to your nearest outlet. There are two postcode routing options available.

1. Delacon’s store locator prompts callers to enter their postcode and be routed to their nearest franchise.

2. Delacon’s store locator automatically picks up the state, city and exchange, or mobile tower that the caller is calling from. Calls are then automatically transferred through to the franchise closest to the caller.

If a particular franchise is closed or busy on another call, the call can be automatically forwarded to a central call centre or the next closest franchise. This means all callers get to speak to a sales representative.

Mobile Cell Tower Routing


Delacon’s call tracking technology can route mobile calls from each mobile cell tower so that each incoming call is answered by the nearest location to that phone caller. This is ideal for franchises and geographically dispersed businesses with multiple branches.

The dynamic data available from mobile phone calling also allows calls to be diverted based on ISP, phone type (Android, IPhone, etc) and more. For example, incoming calls from Telstra phones can be routed to call centre A, calls from Vodafone phones routed to call centre B and calls from Optus phones to call centre C.  Each call centre will have staff trained specifically to deal with the types of enquiries from users of each provider.

If your business is located in several geographical locations, you can take advantage of this flexible and dynamic call management solution.

Call reporting


By using dynamic call tracking numbers, franchises can track incoming calls, analyse the data and optimise campaigns to ensure maximum return on investment. Through Delacon’s reporting system, you can identify the:

  • Caller’s phone number (where available)
  • Time and date of the call
  • The call outcome (answered/busy/not answered)
  • Whether a voicemail was left by the caller and if so, the voicemail will be attached as a .wav file
  • The full referrer URL related to that call.

Call recording


All calls can be recorded and saved in .wav format and stored on a secure, user-friendly web interface making them accessible at any time. Alternatively they can be emailed directly to a team member for review.