SEM campaigns can be an extremely effective advertising source. These online ads generally inspire the prospect to click through to the advertiser’s website or to phone directly from the ad itself.

Once a prospect has clicked through to the website – the all important measurement of SEM campaign success is the cost-per-conversion. It is relatively easy to determine the submission form conversion value using Google Analytics. However, if you place a telephone number on your website and the prospect decides to phone your business, then it is much more difficult to accurately measure the call conversion.

Calls are important because the prospect is generally more intent on proceeding with the purchase and they usually attract a higher value sale.

Known as PPC Call Tracking, Delacon’s advanced call tracking solution will accurately identify the volume of prospects who called after first clicking from an SEM advertisement.

With the inclusion of call data together with click data, marketing teams can more accurately assess the success of SEM campaigns and the associated keywords. With complete data, you’ll be in a fully informed position to optimise each campaign and keyword appropriately. This will increase your return on investment, making sure that every advertising dollar is working most effectively.

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