What determines whether a call is considered to have converted?

A call is considered converted if the person calling the number is still on the website when the call is made and their browsing session hasn’t timed out (this is usually 5 minutes). The basic flow of the conversion is as follows:

  1. The customer goes onto the website via a method that is being tracked (Google Paid, all traffic, etc.)
  2. The customer sees the tracking number and calls while the browser is open on the page where the number is displayed.
  3. Once the call is made Delacon’s system links the call with the captured website data, pushes the data through to Google Analytics and the call is marked as a successful conversion. This process occurs seamlessly while the call is active between the caller and operator.

Please note that if the tracking number is called and there is no associated session on the website, then the call will not be marked as a conversion. An example of this may be where the client has called previously from a visit to the website but is now calling from a saved contact in their phone.

Additionally, if the caller is still on the site and makes a second call while their session is active (ie. within 5 minutes) only the first call will be marked as a conversion.

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