Delacon’s Call Tracking Solution Launches in Singapore and New Zealand

Delacon has launched its Phone Lead Alert enterprise-level call tracking solution in Singapore and New Zealand, providing marketers in these countries with an advanced solution to monitor their return on marketing investment.

Singapore and New Zealand businesses, SEO/SEM agencies and digital agencies now have a sophisticated way of tracking all incoming calls generated by their marketing activity and specific campaigns.  Phone Lead Alert is one of the world’s most sophisticated intelligent call tracking programs, integrating seamlessly with leading analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, Omniture, Google Ads, Acquisio as well as CRM applications like Salesforce.

With easy set-up that can be live within 24 hours, the solution manages all incoming calls with advanced call management, enabling marketers to capture information that relates to actions before, during and after a telephone call is made. Its market-leading features include a call feedback questionnaire that captures real-time sales conversion information including each sale’s value and call recording which can be used for operator training and testing call scripts.

Delacon’s CTO Michael Center said that Phone Lead Alert provides significant benefits previously unavailable to marketers in these regional locations.  “The benefits include increased marketing ROI, the ability to fine-tune and refine marketing strategies, never missing a lead, improved conversion, efficient resource management, enhancing call handling and improved customer service capabilities.

“Marketers working with these countries can now make informed decisions and create marketing strategies backed by real business intelligence; reducing marketing costs and letting them reach key targets more efficiently, while backing their campaign decisions with real, predictive data for optimum results,” said Center.

Call tracking enables online marketers to track customer phone calls back to each caller and their buying activity, so marketers know which initiatives are driving contacts and sales.  It provides businesses with answers to questions such as whether web marketing phone leads are generating sales, if online campaigns are delivering desired call conversion rates; where callers are located and what online behaviours lead to a call.

The answers to these and other important questions about ROI from website and wider online marketing have previously been difficult or impossible to obtain.  By having the answers to these all-important questions via Phone Lead Alert, regional Asia-Pacific marketers can make smarter, informed decisions on allocating their available budgets for maximum returns.

Lyndon Barnett

Lyndon has always been fascinated by technology.