Reverse Goal Path

Track callers across different domain names

Today’s internet is a fascinating world of intermingled websites with links crisscrossing through cyber-space sending prospects on a continual journey of discovering.

To meet your business objectives, you might choose to create several websites under different domain names and send prospects across those sites. On the other hand, you might have a sub-domain under your principle website that you use as a landing page for your paid advertising campaigns.

While this cross domain configuration is designed to maximise the online journey you want your prospects to take, it’s essential to take into consideration the accurate tracking of all conversion options.

If a prospect completes an online submission form, this path can be identified using Google Analytics. However what happens if the prospect picks up the telephone and calls your sales team?

Calls are just as important, if not more so, than “click” conversions. Callers are generally closer to making a purchasing decision and usually attract a higher sale value.

Using Delacon’s advanced call tracking solution, you will be able to accurately measure the call as a conversion and use the call data for additional insights around the caller’s journey.

As an additional benefit, Delacon’s development team have devised a way to accurately track the prospect’s journey across domain names. Under this scenario, the dynamic call tracking number unique to that browsing session will follow the prospect as they cross domains and in doing so give you the ability to identify the entire journey of the prospect.

For sub-domain tracking, you need to add an additional line of code to the standard javascript code.

To track calls across two distinct domain names, you will need to add a function to the javascript code on every page that has a link to the second domain and also include the function in the link itself. If you want to analyse the data in Google Analytics, you’ll also need to make a small modification to the analytics code.

To identify the journey the prospect takes across the two domains the best report in Google Analytics is the Reverse Goal Path. Click on Conversions and Goals to access the report and then be sure to include only the Delacon call conversion goal.

Lyndon Barnett

Lyndon has always been fascinated by technology.