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Marketing Optimisation vs Sales Optimisation

Call Analytics/Call Tracking has a number of applications that can be beneficial to any business where the phone call plays an important role in the path to purchase.

We have divided these applications into two categories – Marketing Optimisation and Sales Optimisation.

Marketing Optimisation
What is marketing optimisation?

Marketing optimisation is the process of optimising or improving your marketing campaigns based on the data you receive back from their performance.

Historically this has involved viewing online data in Google Analytics, AdWords and bid management tools and adjusting your campaigns to attract more leads and sales.

How does call tracking help?

Call Tracking allows you to add phone call data into the mix as we can track which marketing sources are delivering calls to your business. This allows for a more complete view of your overall marketing campaign performance. In most cases you will find that your CPL and CPA reduce as you take into account call data.

Further optimisation can help reduce this even further.

Broadly, call tracking can help track:

  • The campaigns delivering calls
  • The keywords generating calls
  • The landing pages generating calls
  • Which department (sales, account, billing etc.) calls are going through to
  • The state calls are coming from
  • Average call duration
  • The ISP/network of the caller

All of this data can be used to optimise your campaigns (in real-time) to improve overall performance.

Sales Optimisation
What is Sales Optimisation?

Sales optimisation involves optimising and improving your sales process so you can make it as effective and efficient as possible. Essentially if you’re optimising your marketing campaigns to generate leads you want to make sure you are putting your business in the best possible position to turn those leads into customers.

The Sales Optimisation application of our solution is perhaps not as widely known as our marketing optimisation application, or utilized to its full capacity and offers a number of different features to help optimise sales:

Route Calls Efficiently

Our call routing feature allows you to route calls to various departments in your business based on either the IVR selection or the call tracking data collected.

IVR Routing: Incoming callers select from a menu which departments they want to go to. This can ensure callers end up where they want, potentially speeding up the sales process.

Call Tracking Routing: Incoming calls are routed to a specific area of the business based on call data collected.

For example, a caller who calls from a particular landing page may be routed to a different team compared to a caller from another page. Or callers from New South Wales may be routed to a different team compared to callers from Queensland.

We also offer:

  • Multi-level IVR options where multiple levels of IVR selections are available for your callers to choose from; and
  • Out of Hours IVR when calls can be routed to a different phone number based on a particular day or time. E.g. If your business operates Monday – Friday, 9 – 5.30, you can route calls outside of these days and times.
Call Outcomes

See what happened to each one of your calls – was the call missed, answered or hung up. Take this further by implementing Call Feedback Survey which allows you to see which calls resulted in a sale and the value of each sale.

This allows you to see how efficient your call center is at answering incoming calls.

Caller Intent

Our IVR intercept feature captures the menu options selected by callers, allowing you to see which department calls are going through to.

By seeing the number of calls going through to your sales department, you can match these records against sales made to see how effective your sales team is.

The IVR intercept data can also be pushed into Google Analytics and displayed in a dashboard and pushed into bid management platforms to ensure bidding on keywords that generated calls to your sales team.

Time of day Reports

Our portal provides a Call Timing Report which provides a daily or hourly breakdown of call volumes over a given period. It also provides a breakdown of the number of calls Answered, Unanswered, the average duration and if a sale occurred.

This data can be used to make sure you have the right number of staff allocated to your call center at the busiest times of the day.


Call Tracking‘s application is enhanced with the use of integrations into a variety of platforms. By integrating into CRMs, bid managers, tag managers and analytics platforms, both marketing and sales optimisation can be more effective.


Call Tracking data can be pushed directly into a CRM for a call agent to use during the phone call. Call data which may be useful includes the keyword, landing page and campaign which generated the call and the state of the caller.

Furthermore, CRM data including sales data can be pushed into Google Analytics and used to optimise campaigns.


As call tracking data can be viewed alongside web data in analytics platforms, including Google Analytics, you can track conversions from both sources. By creating custom reports, you can view conversion from both clicks and calls in the same chart. Additionally you can create custom call dashboards which show both call and click data.

This is a great way to see an overview of the how your campaign is progressing and which sources are performing the best. Based on these top line measurements, you can then drill down further to make appropriate optimisation decisions based on all conversion data.

Bid Management

Delacon’s Call Tracking solution integrates with a range of Bid Management platforms. As a Marketer, by collecting both web and call data in one system, you’ll be able to more effectively analyse online campaign performance. With the inclusion of call data you will have a true representation of the success of online campaigns. You’ll be able to make more informed decisions and optimise paid campaigns from a position of complete knowledge – all displayed within your Bid Management platform.

Want to optimise your sales and marketing?

To find out more about how business can optimise your marketing campaigns and sales processes, contact us today!