White Labeling Delacon Features For Maximum Brand Consistency

White Labeling Delacon Features for Maximum Brand Consistency

Delacon’s White Label Solution allows agencies and directories to visually tailor our solution to your individual specifications. 

We have three features that allow for customisation, that you can take full advantage of whilst communicating with your end client. These are: 

Delacon Portal: The Portal interface can be customised with your brand’s logo and colours to allow maximum brand consistency when selling our solution to your clientsPlease see this guide for more information.

Re-billing: We have developed a feature that allows you to generate invoices and send them directly to your clients, using your own branding and sender domain. You are able to automatically add mark-ups to your Delacon rates to re-sell the services at a premium. More info on this feature can be found here

E-mail alert customisation: You can now fully customise the notifications we send out for each call. The notification can either be in HTML format or plain text and allows agencies and directories to determine the information added to each alert, making sure that it only contains information that is important to you and your clients. The recipient can also rate each call for quality, and you can then use this rating to optimise your campaigns by identifying if certain campaigns are driving more leads and conversions. Please take a look at this support page for more info and a guide on how to implement it. 

If you would like some more information, or for assistance with implementing the above, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.