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How to use keyword spotting to analyse true caller intent to optimise marketing and sales strategies

Every time your business interacts with a customer, you gain valuable insights that could help you optimise your marketing strategies, sales methods and customer service standards. Agents at contact centres interact with customers over the phone daily which can result in some of the most important leads for a business. If your business relies on phone calls, then having the ability to know what happens on each call is crucial, especially to find out if a lead converted to a sale. 

Read on to learn how you can start implementing Delacon’s Speech Analytics Keyword spotting to gain valuable insights about your customer interactions today!

What is Keyword Spotting? 

Listening to each individual phone recording is physically impossible, however with Delacon’s Speech Analytics you can transcribe and effectively ‘listen’ to every phone call your business receives. This feature will provide your business with a detailed analysis on the conversations between callers and your business, allowing you to understand what the most common words are used in a conversation.

At Delacon we have recently made an enhancement to our Speech Analytics Keyword Spotting and Analysis Module (SAM) which allows you to see the date, time and system time of each call which will be shown alongside your service/campaign number and the name of your store when you search for a particular keyword. This will be useful for businesses in various occasions for example, when looking to increase customer retention, conversations that have keywords such as ‘Angry’, ‘Disappointed’ or ‘Bad Experience’, could be flagged, allowing businesses to prevent customer turnover by giving them a special offer or discount for their bad experience.

Keyword spotting is a game changer for businesses who are looking to evaluate their ROI and analyse true caller intent. Without having to listen to each individual call, you will gain valuable insights into the quality of each call from the compilation of keywords applicable to your business. 

How do I search for keywords using Delacon’s Speech Analytics Keyword Spotting? 

To set up your Speech Analytics keyword spotting, simply enter your chosen keyword into the search bar in the keyword section of your Delacon report. From there you can press search which will collect all the calls from the database where your selected term was present within the top twenty terms ranked by Delacon’s intelligent keyword spotting algorithm. 

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