Delacons Integration With Facebook S

Significantly Improve Your Marketing Campaigns with Delacon’s Innovative Facebook Integration – Find Out How!

Delacon is now able to integrate Meta Events Manager with our Call Tracking Software which allows you to send live call data back to the Meta Events Manager when a call is made from one of your paid ads.

This is significant for performance teams to capture the attribution against calls and will provide a stronger ROI delivered from your platform in relation to phone calls driven to contact centres.

What are the other benefits of Delacon’s Facebook Integration for marketing campaigns?

  1. Remarketing and Ad Measurements: Delacon can push calls through to the targeted data source in Facebook, for both remarketing and Ad measurement purposes. Facebook will be able to match the conversion using the hashed phone number and the Facebook browser ID/Facebook click ID for online call sessions.
  2. Create Ads and Target Audiences: Facebook Manager can target audiences, create ads, and set up custom conversions using the Call Conversion data source. By using Facebook Ads Manager, the cost of advertising can be reduced, whilst also improving Ad campaign effectiveness and providing insightful marketing data for your business.
  3. Cost Reduction: Create lookalike audiences via Facebook and reach people who are likely to be interested in your business to reduce costs on ads. It can also be a useful measurement for advertising and to improve the effectiveness of your campaign.

Delacon’s integration with Facebook is a great step in the right direction to help our clients receive the most value out of their marketing campaigns.

Get in touch with the team at Delacon to ask about our Facebook Integration solution for your business today. We’ve also created a handy Facebook Integration user guide if you would like more information and support.

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