Integrated with significant CRM platforms

If inbound phone calls are an important part of the sales journey for your customers, then the integration of Delacon’s call tracking solution and your CRM is essential.

You’ll be able to track, measure and follow new leads from that all-important original touch point, through the various stages of the journey and pinpoint the final method that led to the sale. Notably, premium products generally take around seven or eight calls before the final transaction.

With a greater understanding of the customer’s journey that involves calls, marketers have the ability to refine their websites and streamline the path towards the sale. You’ll be able to optimise the most effective method to push customers down the sales pipeline and with more accurate reporting and analysis you’ll have the insights to optimise those channels to drive higher quality leads.

Additionally, call tracking merged with your CRM will give you live customer insights. Your sales team will be able to see information about the customer they’re talking to, including the keywords they used to find your website, the page they landed on and whether they’ve called before. This real-time customer intelligence will give your operators the essential information to tailor their conversations.

Delacon’s call tracking solution is integrated with Salesforce. It can also integrate with other leading CRM applications or legacy CRM applications.

Why integrate call tracking with a CRM?

  • Never miss a lead
  • More accurate measurement of marketing campaigns that drive leads
  • Optimise marketing campaigns to drive higher quality leads
  • Greater insights into the customer journey both online and offline
  • Provide real-time caller intelligence to better serve customers
  • Automatically match the CRM data against the call data and push this combined data into Google Analytics, Google Ads or DoubleClick.



With branding around being faster, cheaper, easier and better, Salesforce is determined to take businesses to the next level. As a customer relationship management software, the platform streamlines and automates business processes. Ultimately Salesforce streamlines business allowing teams to focus on attracting new clients and better serving existing ones.


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