The ability to categorise a single call into specific call categories is crucial in determining the types of calls your business is receiving.

When call categories are provided to Delacon together with specific keywords or phrases for each category, our Speech Analytics Module (SAM) can use this information to categorize each call. If you need assistance, we are ready to assist you with keyword/phrase identification.

Often a call may have multiple categories and SAM has the capability to identify not only the main call category, but also other relevant categories based on its novel call scoring and analysis system.

Below is a sample list of some call category examples:

  • Sales – converted or not
  • Support
  • Billing
  • Accounts
  • Membership
  • Existing or New Bookings

Each business or business unit will have different call categories depending on the industry and the specific business.

If the call doesn’t fit to any of the pre-defined categories, it will be placed in the “general” category.

Reporting and Trend Analysis

The call categorizer report shows the overall statistics of all inbound calls during a selected interval. This report helps to understand how many of these calls have meaningful conversations and provides additional insights as to which types of calls your business is mainly receiving.


The trend analysis will help you to dissect the impact of any marketing campaign and automatically identify lead or sales calls as well as mark support issues, or detect the actual call driver and multiple call drivers.

Trend Analysis

The data can be exported in CSV format for further analysis.

Additionally, it can provide other relevant and meaningful keywords and phrases which can be used to fine-tune marketing campaigns to better attract targeted customers. This tool will help you to personalize the digital experience for each of your customers.


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