What is Delacon’s Call Tracking Integration with Google’s call details forwarding and how does it work?

With Delacon’s call tracking solution and Google’s call details forwarding you can send call attribution data from Google Ads directly to Delacon – the caller does not have to click on your ad for you to register the call.

This latest integration provides you with an additional layer of call attribution data and gives you a greater understanding of performance, helping you to calculate your campaign CPL and CPA more effectively.

What are the benefits of using Delacon’s call tracking solution with Google’s call details forwarding?

Once you are integrated with our call tracking solution, you can quantify phone calls made directly from ads without having to do anything beyond making sure your ad has a phone number. Previously, you would have been required to specify which phone number belonged to which campaign to track the phone calls made directly from that campaign.

The other benefits of using Delacon’s call tracking solution with Google’s call details forwarding include:

  1. Increases call tracking accuracy by capturing calls that are made when a user does not click through to your website. Previously these calls would not have been registered.
  2. Helps to accurately calculate cost per lead and optimize campaigns more effectively.
  3. Accurately calculates your campaign CPA by pushing the call tracking data into your CRM.
  4. Delivers extra value to your business by providing normal call tracking information for these calls including what campaign adsgroup and keywords generated a call. 
  5. You can now send the below call attribution data to Delacon in real time:
    1. Google Click ID (GCLID) for calls lasting longer than 15 seconds 
    1. Customer ID 
    1. Campaign ID 
    1. Ad Group ID 

By sending the Google Click ID (GCLID) to a call analytics provider, you can use click-based offline conversion imports to more accurately attribute calls to conversions – instead of needing to match phone records to conversions. With a more accurate understanding of performance, you can make better decisions and improve how you reach and engage customers. 

What data can be collected by Delacon’s integration with Google’s call details forwarding and how can you implement it into your marketing strategy? 

The data captured from Delacon’s integration with Google’s call details forwarding call forwarding can be used by your company to analyse how your ads are performing. 

User privacy and data security are taken very seriously by Google. For this rollout, Google is limiting the user data it shares with third parties—all of whom have agreed to Google’s strict data security terms. For example, no names of callers are shared, only their phone numbers as they would be for any other phone call. Furthermore, data is encrypted and only shared with a call analytics provider if an advertiser grants them access. You can learn more about how Google protects user data here.

How do I setup Delacon’s integration with Google’s call details forwarding?

If you are not a Delacon customer and you would like more information on this feature, please contact us.

If you are a Delacon customer please click here.