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Delacon’s call tracking solution integrates with Performance Horizon Group

More accurate measurement of affiliate marketing campaigns is now possible with the integration of Delacon’s advanced call tracking solution and Performance Horizon Group’s reporting tool. All within one platform, marketers can now accurately identify the best performing affiliate websites and optimise their campaigns based on all conversion options.

In affiliate campaigns, there are two places where prospects might be encouraged to make a call.

The first instance is on the affiliate website where a phone number is displayed to encourage the prospect to call direct from the display ad or the blog article. The other scenario encourages the prospect to click from the affiliate website to the business website and then to make a call. Through the integration, this journey is tracked and the call as a conversion is included in the count.

This latest integration continues to fulfill Delacon’s determination to create an impressive portfolio of technical integrations into major global systems for our clients.

“I’m confident that marketers will appreciate the ability to take full credit for all conversions they generate through their affiliate marketing initiatives. By identifying both click and call conversion options, marketers will be able to more accurately measure which affiliate sites are working and then optimise the campaign based on these results,” said Michael Center, Delacon’s Chief Technical Officer.

“In addition to the call as a conversion, when the prospects calls the business website using a call tracking number there is a whole range of additional data that the Delacon system captures which can provide useful insights around the caller.”

To track calls from an affiliate website a dedicated tracking number for each affiliate is required. To track calls from the business website where the affiliate website is the source Delacon’s standard call tracking implementation with dynamic numbers for concurrent visitors is required.

Lyndon Barnett

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