AdWords data now available in Delacon reporting

We are pleased to announce the latest integration feature to Delacon’s product suite, with AdWords data now available in Delacon’s reports in our portal.

What data will be available?

The data that will be available in the Delacon Portal includes:

  • Campaign data – which campaign led to that call
  • Keyword data – which keywords did the caller type in to be served that particular campaign and subsequently call your business
  • Cost – the cost to generate the phone call

Can’t I just see this data in my AdWords or Google Analytics reporting?

In Google Analytics and AdWords, only live call data is available. This means, any non-live call data is not available to you in those platforms.

This integration feature allows you to view both live and non-live call data in the same environment at the same time.

What is the difference between live and non-live call data?

A ‘live call’ is when a customer is still on the website when they make the call to your business.

A ‘non-live’ call is when a customer makes the call to your business when they are no longer on the website.

What is the benefit of being able to see this data?

The major benefit of being able to see this data in the Delacon portal is you can work out:

  • What your cost per lead (CPL) is for each campaign and keyword
  • How much each phone call is costing you
  • What keywords are generating phone calls
  • What campaigns are generating phone calls

With all this data, you can better optimize your campaigns to improve your CPL and CPA.

The Value Track Parameter

Normally, the Value Track Parameter would need to be added to each landing page you are featuring call tracking in order to capture this data. However with this integration, this does not need to be added.

However it is still recommended that you do this.

For more information on the Value Track Parameter, click here.

Where can I see this data?

The AdWords data will be available in the Detailed Call Log in the Delacon porta by including the following columns in the report:

  • AdWords Campaign
  • AdWords Clicks
  • AdWords Cost per phone call
  • AdWords Terms
  • AdWords Keywords

For a guide on how to set up the AdWords integration with Delacon, click here.