Sales Growth

How you can increase your phone sales with call tracking

For any business, tracking leads is incredibly important, especially in being able to measure your Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Businesses that operate online can often easily track their online leads through Google Analytics and other similar platforms, however tracking phone leads can be a little more difficult.

If your business relies on phone calls to make the majority of sales, rather than online sources, it is crucial to have a call tracking solution in place which can not only track calls but help you track sales.

This type of solution can help you not only see what phone calls are converting into sales, but can actually help you increase your sales too!

Our Solutions

Our call tracking technology offers a number of solutions:

Call Feedback Survey

The call feedback survey is a feature which provides feedback on the outcome of every call, allowing you to receive real time feedback on how your campaigns are performing. After the customer has hung up, your operator will be asked to input the outcome of the call. For example, you may set it up as:

  • Press 1 if it was a sale (followed by the dollar value)
  • Press 2 if it was an enquiry
  • Press 3 if it was a booking
  • Press 4 if it was a complaint etc

This data then gets pushed into our reports, your CRM or other software platforms.

See image below under ‘Survey Sales Amount’ column:


We can report back to you the key tones your callers press on your menu when they call you. This can show you how many calls are going through to the sales department and allows you to work out your overall sales department/team conversion rate.

This feature is also available if you don’t use our IVR and use a third party.

Call Transcription and Analytics

Our latest product, call transcription and analytics allow you to transcribe your calls and analyse the spoken word from the call. Sale specific keywords can be picked up, including the value of the sale, and be pushed into our reports, your CRM and other software platforms.

This can help you work out exactly what calls converted into sales, the value of each sale and ultimately your CPA.

CRM Integration

Our ability to integrate with world leading CRMs allows you to track, measure and follow new leads from their original touch point, through the various stages of the journey and pin point the final method that led to the sale. Notably, premium products generally take around seven or eight calls before the final transaction so tracking this journey is incredibly important.

Additionally, the integration will actually assist your sales teams by providing them with real-time information about the caller including which landing page they have come from, the keyword they used and whether or not they have called you before.