Using call tracking for offline advertising

Delacon’s call tracking solution can be used for your offline advertising campaigns. If you advertise in an offline environment – TV, Radio, Outdoor, print etc – and have a phone number as a call to action, our call tracking solution can be used to track how many calls those campaigns are delivering.

Without tracking these calls, you have no transparency into which offline advertisements are actually driving calls to your business and no transparency over which ads are actually working.

What is offline advertising?

Offline advertising is all advertising that is not online i.e. internet focused. Examples include:

  • Television advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Outdoor advertising such as billboards and bus shelter ads
  • Transport advertising such as on buses and taxis

How does tracking offline calls work?

Just like online campaigns, we provide you with 1300 numbers for your offline campaigns which allow us to track the calls you receive.  The amount of 1300 numbers you want provisioned for your outdoor campaigns is up to you. You may want one number for all TV ads, one number for all radio ads, one number for all print ads and one number for all outdoor advertising.

Alternatively, you may want different numbers for TV ads that appear on different channels or at different times, different numbers for radio ads that appear on different channels and different numbers for your outdoor campaigns such as one number for billboards and one number for bus shelters.

This choice is yours and it really depends how granular you want to get with your call tracking and on your budget.

But my number is my brand, why should I give that number up?

You don’t have to give up your main or existing number.  That number can be included as one of the numbers you use for your offline campaigns and you may choose to keep this number for your most visible or successful form of adverting. It would simply need to be ported across from your existing phone number provider to ours.

Also, in our experience, the relevance of a phone number to a brand is slowly diminishing with the ability of people to simply use a search engine on their smart phone, tablet or computer to find the number.

 How does tracking offline campaigns help me?

By including offline campaigns in your call tracking strategy, you can gain transparency into how those campaigns are performing and how many calls you are receiving specifically from these ads. Without a suitable call tracking solution in place, you may have no way of knowing which TV ads are working, which radio ads are working or which outdoor campaigns are working.

The benefit to your business of call tracking

Call tracking provides your business with phone call data insights which can help you improve your profitability through reducing expenses on underperforming ads and increasing leads and sales through campaign optimization.

Our call tracking solution offers a number of additional features which can help your business including call transcription, call recording and call feedback survey.