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The Delacon Mobile App

The Delacon Mobile App is now available for both the iPhone and Android. You can download it through the App Store or through Google Play.

Downloading the App

Simply search ‘Delacon’ in either Google Play or the App Store to find the App for download:

Logging in

Simply enter your Delacon Account email address, password and mobile number to login.

Note the mobile number needs to be the terminating number linked to your CID.

Using the App

The App has a number of uses:

1. Rating incoming phone calls

When logged into the App and when your mobile phone is set as the termination number for incoming calls, you can rate each call you receive using a 5 Star Rating System. How you rate each call is entirely up to you and your business.

This call rating is then pushed into the Delacon Portal and can be viewed in the Call Log in the ‘call’ column, under ‘rating’:

2. Optimising towards call scores

As each call score is pushed into the Delacon portal, this information can be used to optimise towards keywords and campaigns providing good scores. By doing this, you may find the quality of your calls improves, potentially increasing your revenue and even decreasing your cost-per-lead or cost-per-acquisition.

3. Logging into the Delacon Portal

From the App, you can log straight into the mobile friendly Delacon portal, where you can access all your call tracking reports and listen to call recordings directly on your phone.

Simply click on the ‘Link to Portal’ button to access your Portal.

Download the app for iPhone!

Download the app for Android!