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The Five Platforms You Should Be Using To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Call Tracking

Call Tracking is a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal, allowing at its most basic level to see how many calls your business is receiving.

However there are a number of different ways call tracking data can be integrated and used with existing platforms.

Here, we detail five must have platforms you should seriously consider integrating your call tracking solution with to get the most out of the data.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics platforms are fairly simple – they provide detailed analytics on your website, from traffic sources, to number of visitors, to the average session duration to bounce rates etc.

By integrating call tracking into a web analytics platform, you can actually push phone calls into the platform as conversions. In fact, you can even set it up so a phone call is a separate goal conversion to a web conversion.

You can then break this down further by seeing which channels – Paid, Organic, Direct, Referral, and Display – are driving calls to your business.

You can then use this data to make decisions around the effectiveness of your call acquisition strategies and optimise your marketing ROI.

Delacon is currently integrated with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.


A business CRM is often the heartbeat of the business, providing all details around customers, sales made, sales pipeline and sales that have been lost.

One of its main functions is capturing lead details when they are submitted via a web form. This allows a business to capture qualified interest in their product or service directly in their CRM and then follow that journey throughout the sales cycle through to – hopefully – the sale.

By integrating call tracking with your CRM, phone call leads can automatically be captured in the CRM as an open lead. No more manually entering the caller’s details into the CRM. This means phone call leads can be followed throughout the sales process the same way web leads can.

Furthermore, caller details including call duration, the state of the caller, phone IVR entry, keyword, the specific online and offline campaign, referral URL, browser type and ISP can all be captured in the CRM and used by the operator to enhance the conversation.

Delacon is currently integrated with Salesforce and other CRMs via Data Matching and Zapier.

Advanced CRM integration

CRM sales data, including the value of the sale, can be pushed into Google Analytics to measure how many phone calls turned into sales and optimise your CPA & ROI.

Delacon is currently integrated with Salesforce for this feature.

Bid Management and Optimisation

Delacon’s Call Tracking solution integrates with a range of Bid Management platforms. As a Marketer, by collecting both web and call data in one system, you’ll be able to more effectively analyse online campaign performance. With the inclusion of call data you will have a true representation of the success of online campaigns. You’ll be able to make more informed decisions and optimise paid campaigns from a position of complete knowledge – all displayed within your Bid Management platform.

Delacon’s Call Tracking currently integrates with DoubleClick, AdWords, Kenshoo, Acquisio. Match craft and Marin.

Advanced Bid Optimisation

Sales data and caller intent data (the phone menu pressed by the caller) can be pushed into your bid management platform in real-time so bidding can be adjusted to ensure bids are being made on campaigns and keywords that generated either sales or sales intent calls or even towards CPA.


Delacon’s Call Tracking solution integrates with a range of personalisation platforms, allowing call data to be used alongside online data to provide personalised web content to returning visitors. By creating a personalised web page experience for your customers, more relevant and more relevant ads can be served, helping to increase on page conversions. In fact, according to econsultancy, 93% of companies are seeing uplift in conversion rates as a result of website personalisation and having a personalised homepage can give a 10% sales uplift.

Delacon is currently integrated with 24/7 and Optimizely X.

Tag Manager

While not necessarily enhancing your call tracking data, a tag manager can make implementing call tracking across your website far easier than manually adding the code. This ensures the code is implemented correctly and the data is as accurate as possible.

Delacon is currently integrated with Google Tag Manager, SuperTag, Ensighten and Signal.

Interested in integrating into one of these platforms?

If you want to enhance your call tracking, speak to us about your call tracking integrations!