Call Extensions

Delacon Introduces Call Extension Auto-assignment

Delacon is excited to announce that our Google Ads call extensions can now be automatically assigned. We have implemented a simple, two-step process which allows for quick and easy setup of automatic AdWords call extensions for existing customers and a streamlined process for all new customers.

This innovative feature will automatically assign phone numbers to each of your AdGroups and balance your AdGroups and campaigns based on the number of impressions each receives- ultimately providing you with more precise data.

Call extension auto-assignment is the quickest and most efficient call extension process to date, demonstrating that small adjustments can make a world of a difference.

What are call extensions?

Call extensions are phone numbers added to a paid search ad which allow users to make a call directly from the ad using the click-to-call function when on a mobile phone, or by typing the number into their handset when viewing the ad on a desktop.

Google call extensions act as a great call to action for your AdWords campaigns, providing a quick and easy way for potential customers to call your business, without having to click through to your website.

Supercharge your call extensions with Delacon

Delacon’s call extensions provide the simplest and most convenient call extension solution. We are able to capture additional vital details such as call start and end times; and provide you with access to a wider range of features such as Speech Analytics, IVR Capture, Call recording and automated CRM integration, that will result in richer and more informative data.

Data Delacon Google
Call Duration Yes Yes
Call Start and End Time Yes No
Caller City* Yes No
Caller State* Yes Yes
Keyword Yes Yes
Campaign Yes Yes
Call Outcome Yes Yes
Feature Delacon Google
Call Forwarding Yes Yes
Call Whisper Message Yes No
Call Feedback Survey Yes No
IVR Capture Yes No
Call Recording Yes No
Speech Analytics Yes No
CRM Integration Yes (Automated) Yes (Manual)
Google Analytics Yes No
Double Click Yes Yes
Double Click IVR Yes No

The tables above describe the benefits of Delacon’s call extension and additional features our clients can enjoy. By having access to this additional call data, you are in the best position to analyze the success of your campaigns.

What are some benefits of using call extensions?

If phone calls are an integral part of your businesses and you would like to make it easier for potential customers to reach you, call extensions are definitely important to consider. Call extensions are a wonderful tool in assisting you with generating more leads by accurately calculating your cost per lead (CPL). They also provide useful insights into your received calls- including call duration; the caller’s location; the device they are using and any phone menu option the caller selects if IVR is in use.

Delacon can provide separate and distinct numbers to use in your AdWords call extensions- so that you can track calls made directly from the ad, either when the caller has used the click to call functionality or called when not clicking on the ad at all. Our new call extension auto-assignment makes the process even easier by doing all the work for you, automatically assigning phone numbers to each of your AdGroups, and balancing AdGroups and campaigns based on your impressions. This new process results in more precise data that is now easier than ever to obtain.

Additional benefits of using call extensions for your business include: tracking how effective the ads are at driving direct calls; making it simple for customer to call you directly from search engine result pages (SERPs); and target customers that may originally be looking to call your competitors.

By utilizing Delacon’s call tracking solution and our AdWords, Google Analytics and Double Click integrations, you are provided with visibility over which campaigns are generating phone and web leads. All call data can also be pushed into your CRM, allowing for a more complete performance analysis and optimization of your campaigns.

To find out how our new call extension auto-assignment can optimize the way you reach your customers please get in contact today!