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How do customers find your number? How do you know?

If your company takes calls over the phone, you know better than anyone that a phone call is a valuable source of business. Even in our online age, calls are important – over 40% of all online-search-related conversions take place over the phone

The challenge for most companies these days is one of attribution – where did your customer find your number? How do you find that information out? Gone are the days of clumsy questionnaires asking how your customers found out about you – you need to know for sure where your customers found your number, and how they found it.

The attribution problem

When you only have one telephone number, it’s impossible to know whether your caller saw one of your posters on a bus stop, is a previous customer who has one of your business cards, or found the number on your website. On top of that, if they did find you online, how did they find you? Was it one of your marketing campaigns? Did they search for your services and click your link on Google? If so, what search terms did they use?

This is vital information for marketers. This becomes a particular problem when you’re analysing your marketing spend, and trying to establish which channels led to the most calls, and even more importantly, the most sales. Without proper Call Tracking, customers who call you after finding your number through a web search, perhaps after seeing one of your PPC ads, won’t register as a conversion through that channel. If the PPC ad doesn’t register a conversion, your cost per conversion data will be inaccurate. This has a knock-on effect next time you come to plan a campaign, and you might miss out on new customers by not distributing your marketing budget effectively. Without knowing which search terms are leading to your best sales, you don’t know which terms to bid on.

However, with Delacon’s Call Tracking solution, you can have all of this information, and more.

The Delacon solution

Delacon’s Call Tracking solution gives you the chance to link every call with its source. If that call is the result of a customer finding you online, we can tell you where they searched, what search terms they used, where they landed on your website, and which pages they looked at before they called you. If you’re running marketing campaigns, your Delacon data will allow you to attribute sales to the right channel, and see how your ads are performing with much more accuracy than measuring online interactions alone. This means you can more efficiently distribute marketing spend, ultimately leading to savings for you.

Using our Call Tracking solution, you can have separate numbers for flyers, posters, billboards, fridge magnets, promotional gifts, business cards, listings publications, direct mail, vehicles, and more. Couple this with dynamic numbers on your online activities to link customer browsing behaviour with their telephone calls, and you’ll easily be able to tell where people are finding your number. All of these numbers will still come through to you – you can even take advantage of our suite of call management tools to distribute calls to a group of operators or agents.

Using our dedicated reporting platform, you can easily see where people are calling from, and also find out which channels aren’t working for you. Money spent on marketing that doesn’t generate sales is money wasted – by using your Delacon data to track, manage and analyse calls, you can improve your return on advertising spend, and increase your profits.

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