Present call tracking as your solution

As a Delacon white label partner, you can present Delacon’s advanced call tracking solution as your own. By using our impressive functionality, you can customize the look and feel of our reporting tools to your own style guidelines. When your clients log into the system through a customized direct link they will identify call tracking as your own product.

White Labelling Delacon’s call tracking solution is of interest to:

  • Directories
  • Agencies
  • Entrepreneurs

Call tracking will give your clients the ability to gain insights into what happens before, during and after a call. They’ll be able to follow their lead’s journey from the marketing initiative that sparked their interest and through to the phone call and beyond.

By tracking calls into their business they will have all the data to make fully informed decisions about their campaigns to more accurately determine the return on investment. They can analyze this data within Delacon’s portal white labelled as your own, Google Analytics and other software platforms that they’re currently using.

Benefits of being a call tracking white labeller

  • Bring innovative technology as part of your product offering
  • Promote call tracking as your solution
  • Present the Delacon interface with your branding
  • Sophisticated call management features for your clients
  • Increase revenue opportunities
  • Increase client stickiness

Customized call management features

Your clients can utilise the sophisticated features associated with Delacon’s solution to manage their calls in a way that most benefits their business. They can route calls based on the postcode of the caller or transfer the caller to the nearest store depending on where they’re calling from.

The ability to record calls is of significant benefit to companies that regularly train their staff and endeavor to maintain superior levels of quality. With a white label solution, your clients can login directly to the system and listen to their call recordings immediately after the call concludes.

The whisper message identifies the origin of the call, before the call is connected to the business. It’s a way to reinforce your brand in real-time.  Calls originating from your directory can be preceded with a whisper message such as “Another lead from [your website]”.  This message is entirely customizable.

The call alert emails can be sent every time a call is made – this way your clients will never miss a call and can keep track of answered and unanswered calls. These emails can be sent from any appropriate email address such as