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Speech Analytics transcribes and analyses your calls, allowing you to effectively ‘listen’ to every phone call your business receives to streamline marketing, sales and operational processes

Speech Analytics To

Optimise Marketing and Sales

Speech Analytics provides valuable insights into why each call was made by recording, transcribing and analyzing your calls. Data then flows into categories that determine what types of calls you are receiving and exactly what your customers are looking for when they call.

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Speech Analytics To

Optimise Operations

Speech Analytics dives into what’s driving your calls and identifies any process gaps. It’s the cost-effective and efficient way of listening to every call and making sure you are aware of what your customers want, your staff are performing their best and that you are delivering unparalleled customer experience.

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Powerful Features

Call Categorization

Categorize calls into specific categories to determine the types of calls your business is receiving

Call Visualization and Transcription

Calls are transcribed with optimal accuracy, allowing you to analyze spoken words

Keywords Spotting and Analysis

Identify both automated terms and custom keywords relevant to your business

Speech Analytics
Lead Scoring

Work out which agents are performing best, what strategies are leading to a conversion

Call Management
Quality Control

Maintain and improve the quality of your calls by identifying any negative calls

Call Recording
Staff Training

Get a more thorough look into what types of calls are received and provide appropriate staff training

Chatbot Input

Speech Analytics data can be ingested into the Chatbot AI to understand enquiries and answer questions

CRM Integration

Speech Analytics data, including the top keywords and call categories can be pushed into CRM systems

Seamless Integrations

Delacon's call tracking solution seamlessly integrates with a range of industry leading marketing platforms that you're already using

Google Adwords
Google Analytics
Marin software
performance horizon

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